Tent seating
The sizes below are for buffet style events:

20 x 20 (50 people)
20 x 30 (75 people)
20 x 40 (100 people)
35 x 45 (150 people)

Table seating capacities:

6' x 30" banquet seats 6 to 8 people
60" round seats 6 to 10 people

Space needed to set up a tent:

You will need a flat area, with no trees, bushes, rocks and other obstacles, The area you need for the tent, must
be at least 10' wider and 10' longer than the tent you are renting.  If you need a 20' x 30' tent, there must be at
least a 30' x 40' area.
(517) 423-7919
1.  Make sure that you have removed all tape, streamers, signs and balloons from the tent, table and chairs.

2.  All tables should be covered with a plastic backed tablecloth. Many kinds of foods leave stains, for example: fruit punch,
mustard, grape juice, wine ect.

3.  Do not smoke or burn fires around tents, tables and chairs, they will melt or burn.

4.  Keep chairs away from mud.

5.  Wipe off and dry tables, take down, fold and stack.

6.  Fold chairs and put in chair carriers, if there is one, if not put in a pile the same way as when they were delivered to you.

7.  Cigarettes will burn anything that we rent, a burn hole can not be fixed, it must be replaced!

8.  You will be given a count sheet at time of delivery, please count your rental units and sign, if you see anything wrong  with
any of the units please make a note of it on the count sheet at the time of delivery. If the units are damaged or missing at pick
up time, you are responsible for the replacement of them.

9.  If you have any problems with your rentals please call us at 517-423-7919 if no one is there leave a message we will get
right back with you.

10.  GK Tent Rental rents out tents, tables, chairs and port-a-toilets, we deliver all of them, we also set up the tent and take it
down.  We do not set up or take down the tables and chairs, or clean up after your event.
Give us a call and we will help you with your order!
A deposit is required.
Tents, Tables & chairs are delivered separately form the Port-a-toilets.